Vacuum hot water boilers

Vacuum hot water boilers

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Boiler capacity: 0.5-6t/h
Thermal efficiency:≥92%
Applicable fuel: Light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, city gas, coke oven gas

Use of places: Central air conditioning water, sanitary hot water, process hot water

Product Introduction

Zheng pot vacuum hot water boiler known as never explode the boiler, the use of three-way structure, never scaling, the general boiler life of 1.5 to 2 times, can be a multi-purpose machine, the supply of different temperatures, different uses of heat water. At the same time also has the installation, easy maintenance features, in line with environmental requirements, not the annual inspection and full-time boiler workers.

The lower half of the gas-fired vacuum hot water boiler is composed of a combustion chamber and a heat transfer tube, and the lower part is equipped with a heat medium (furnace water), the upper part is a vacuum chamber, Or straight tube type) heat exchangers. As the whole boiler is running in a negative pressure state, it is absolutely safe. The furnace heat medium (furnace water), in the whole process of the boiler operation, not into, no, no increase, not reduced, only enclosed in the boiler vacuum chamber, in the boiler between the heat transfer tube and heat exchanger Pass heat.

Zheng pot vacuum hot water boiler furnace heat load is small, heating area, small size, compact structure. Automatic control of the burner and furnace internal failure; through the program can control the burning time; can correctly according to the load changes, automatically adjust the whole process of combustion, the use of advanced control, automatic detection of furnace water temperature, Reduce the load due to changes in the number of start and stop, so that the normal operation of the boiler to reduce the heat loss when starting and stopping.

Performance advantage

1, high security, easy to use:

Vacuum phase change boiler because of its medium circulation system pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, the unit when the internal pressure is 0.02 ~ 0.08MPa, the unit is in a vacuum state, which will not explode, it is not the annual inspection and full-time boiler workers.

2, never fouling, long life:

Vacuum gas hot water boiler does not occur within the fouling, increasing the life of the boiler is the general boiler life of 1.5 to 2 times. Heat exchanger part of the use of stainless steel pipe manufacturing, corrosion resistance, design life in more than 20 years.

3, high efficiency:

Using three return structure, a unique wet back to the combustion chamber structure, abandoned the traditional fire-resistant insulation materials, significantly reduce the unit before the smoke chamber temperature, coupled with the use of high-quality aluminum silicate insulation, making the unit heat loss down to the limit, Machine thermal efficiency of 92% or more, while thermal efficiency will not decline year by year.

4, use more:

A boiler (also known as hot water unit) can be equipped with multiple heat exchangers, the supply of different temperatures, different uses of hot water, such as central air conditioning water, sanitary hot water, hot water process.

Product parameters

Model specifications Rated thermal power (MW) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Water supply temperature(℃) Water capacity (L) Design fuel
ZWNS0.35-85/60-Y、Q 0.35 -0.02 85 60 1340 Light oil
heavy oil
natural gas
City Gas
Coke oven gas
ZWNS0.48-85/60-Y、Q 0.48 -0.02 85 60 2000
ZWNS0.6-85/60-Y、Q 0.6 -0.02 85 60 2400
ZWNS0.7-85/60-Y、Q 0.7 -0.02 85 60 2500
ZWNS1.05-85/60-Y、Q 1.05 -0.02 85 60 3250
ZWNS1.4-85/60-Y、Q 1.4 -0.02 85 60 3950
ZWNS1.75-85/60-Y、Q 1.75 -0.02 85 60 4920
ZWNS2.1-85/60-Y、Q 2.1 -0.02 85 60 5950
ZWNS2.8-85/60-Y、Q 2.8 -0.02 85 60 7430
ZWNS3.5-85/60-Y、Q 3.5 -0.02 85 60 9250
ZWNS4.2-85/60-Y、Q 4.2 -0.02 85 60 10340
ZWNS5.6-85/60-Y、Q 5.6 -0.02 85 60 12167
ZWNS7-85/60-Y、Q 7 -0.02 85 60 13986


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