High Efficiency Gas Boiler

Over 70 years of development,ZBG as a great brand shows its keen sense for social demands, keeping pace with the times in design, research and lean production,ZBG continues to launch energy saving, environmental friendly,high efficiency boiler equipment.This is the wealth of ZBG, also wealth boiler industry. ZBG has product manufacturing base covering an area of 330,000 square meters, with modern factory over 1200,000 sq uare meters.It equips with more than 150 sets of international advanced manufacturing equipment like CNC,automatc welding machine, more than 50 sets of various destructive testing equipment,to totally meet different products' research, development and production demands.At present, boilers made in ZBG represent the leading level. ZBG has obtained the A-class Boiler design and manufacture license(the highest level licence awarded by AQSIQ in China),A1 A2 Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacture License,ASME U and ASME S Certificates. ZBG has the EPC qualification of large-scale power plant boiler project, providing clients with a full range of product and service.

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High efficiency boilers use the latest condensation technology to save gas and cut electric bills. Our selection of shopping featuring Weil-McLain, Burnham, Triangle Tube, and more.

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Weil McLain Ultra Boiler

Weil McLain Series 3 Ultra gas boiler 93% Rating AFUE, highest efficiency convenience, UG-80 model, UG-105, UG-155, UG-230, UG-310. The Weil Mclain Ultra Boiler is a water boiler with gas emitted with a cast aluminum heat exchanger, mixed air ventilation mixes and higher efficiency gas mixtures designed to operate in condensation applications with low temperature, outdoor reset and domestic hot water standards.

Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler

The Prestige boilers have uniquely designed stainless steel heaters and efficient efficiency. Prestige has the ability to modulate the shot level to 25% of its rated input and is available in 5 sizes; 60, 110 Stand Alone, 175, 250 and 399. This modulation means fewer cycles that result in lower operating costs. Smart and convenient User Interface Module features fully customizable system status and parameter values ​​as well as diagnostic codes for easy troubleshooting and optimal system performance. Also included in this category is the Prestige Excellence booster – a combination of boilers for indoor heating and hot water, available in natural gas and propane.

Lochinvar Creator

Low Boiler High Efficiency Lochinvar is conveniently available in both floor mounting and wall mount models, featuring 50,000-285,000 BTU / hr, up to 98.6% uptrend efficiency, PVC vent, full 5: 1 turndown modulation burner and SMART SYSTEM control. Also included here is the Knight XL Boiler series from Lochinvar, which features thermal efficiency up to 94.6%, 399.000000000 BTU / hour, full regulatory stove with 5: 1 turndown, and SMART SYSTEM control. You can find optional equipment equipment for your Knight Boiler here as well.

Buderus GB142 Boiler

The state design of the GB142 Buderus Boiler, with heat pressure pan and integrated control security, is a rare combination of exceptional quality paired with exceptional value. Utilizing advanced condensation technology, Buderus GB142 Wall-Hung Boiler maximizes the heating value of each cubic foot of natural gas or propane. Its small size and minimal clearance requirements provide exceptional installation flexibility.

Buderus GB162 Boiler

GB162 is able to achieve efficiency up to 96%. This is due to the patented, highly efficient Alum-Plus heat exchangers, aluminum, but also because our sophisticated Energy Management System encourages GB162 to remain in condensation mode.

Burnham Alpine Boiler

Safe, reliable and efficient because the Alpine, NEW boilers from Burnham! Alpine is a fully modulated condensing gas boiler with AFUE 95%. In the heart of Alpine is a durable long lasting stainless steel heat exchanger. Water flows through a series of stainless steel coils that actually surround and capture heat from the combustion chamber. This design ensures maximum heat transfer at all times and the ability to condense, which further improves efficiency. The complete modulation of firing rate ensures that the boiler will only operate as much as needed to answer the hot call. The new Alpine is the peak of efficiency, safety, and reliability just from Burnham Hydronics!

Burnham ES2 Boiler

Burnham ES2 boiler is a new boiler boiler , atmospheric, gas-fired, for home heating that has been designed in decades. TheES2 Series offers many innovative features including the proven, long-lasting, American-made iron casting machine, the ease and simplicity of atmospheric ventilation, an exclusive control system that provides unparalleled features by the boiler on the market, an unparalleled 85% efficiency. ENERGY STAR® rating for atmospheric gas boilers, and attractive exteriors that are equivalent or superior to the most sophisticated condensing boiler designs.

Weil McLain GV Boiler

Weil McLain GV boiler is a high efficiency, gas-fired direct ventilation water boiler wi th cast iron parts. Using enclosed burning technology, the boiler reduces energy use by eliminating air infiltration. Simple propane conversion is possible. GV boilers are easy to install and repair, and are useful for a wide range of applications including residential, light commercials, multiple boilers, indirect water heaters, and serial heating.

Burnham Freedom Boiler

Some boilers can provide the kind of energy efficiency that can be used by an efficient 95% Freedom Burnham. Underneath, your sleek and modern jacket will find a long-lasting cast aluminum mono block exchanger that encloses almost every BTU of heat from the combustion process and sends it directly to the heating system. The sophisticated control system only senses how much heat the building needs and adjusts the boiler output. Boiler Freedom and heating systems work harmoniously to achieve exceptional efficiency and provide unmatched comfort.

Burnham PVG Boilers

Burnham & # x27; S PVG boilers offer a unique combination of high efficiency and value for homeowners . PVG boilers use 3 or 4 inch stainless steel vents to direct the chimney products out of the building. This eliminates the need to install boats in existing chimneys – which is often the main cost when replacing older boilers. The PVG series boilers are easy to install, and require minimal service and maintenance. This can save you hundreds of dollars in up front installation costs, as well as several hundred dollars a year in maintenance and customization. While low-temperature thermal systems are becoming more popular in new buildings, many still use hot baseboard, convector, air handlers & amp; Indirect water heaters – which generally require higher water temperatures. Cast iron boilers are the best choice for this app. PVG provides an excellent combination of efficiency and durability in high temperature heating applications.

Triangle Tank Boiler

Challenger Triangle Tubes feature high-efficiency space heating and domestic hot water in a compact package. The Triangle Tube Challenger is the top of the condensation combination boiler and is designed to meet today’s energy-efficient home needs.

Lynx Boiler SlantFin

New generation modulation, condensing boiler gas is here! Lynx Modulating Condens ing Gas Boilers are compact, powerful and agile. Boiler gas boiler type beetle / Slant Fin type. S new ones equipped with performance. Operating at 95% AFUE maximizes fuel savings. Compact, lightweight for easy handling. The advanced aluminum heat exchanger design sets a new standard for reliability.

Burnham ESC Boiler

ESC boilers are versatile modern boilers designed to maximize the comfort and efficiency of virtually any heating system. It provides the perfect balance between energy-saving performance, durability, and features for homes where boiler with chimney is not an option. Other features include advanced cast iron heat exchangers, a well-insulated heavy-duty steel base and an IQ Control System that monitors boiler operations, adding energy-saving features into it.

Weil McLain WM97 + Boiler

This category contains WM97 + Series series Boiler installed by Weil Mclain.

Keystone Triangle Keystone Tube

Keystone Condensing Boilers provide powerful solutions for large residential and lighter span applications with 5 models with inputs from 399 to 850 MBH. This product has stainless steel heat exchangers with thermal efficiency between 95 and 97%. Their compact design minimizes floor space while the cabinet provides easy access to all components. The great user-friendly control interface makes set-up easy. The forward control modulates the boiler with a rotation ratio of 5 to 1. Up to 8 boilers can be combined in a cascade while controls display parallel modulation and boiler rotation to maximize efficiency and usage life. Keystone Condensing Boilers from 500 to 850 MBH as per CSD-1 as standard features. This saves on cost and installation time.

SlantFin Sentinel Boiler

Slant gas boiler housing / Fin Sentinel is a reliable and easy to install hot water boiler heating system. Sentinel boilers combine the reliability of natural design and iron construction with the high efficiency performance provided by the Slant / Fin S-Series heat exchanger.

Peerless PUREFIRE High Boiler Gas Efficiency

Peerless® PUREFIRE® gas condensing boiler is a high efficiency boiler for residential and commercial applications and is available for natural gas or LP. Direct ventilation, enclosed boiler has an ultra-high efficiency of 97.3% and is ENERGY STAR approved. PUREFIRE is available in six sizes, has ASME and ETL certifications for the US and Canada and is the most tested high efficiency boiler on the market!

CHS SlantFin Boiler

CHS boilers offer eight different size models to match the home heating requirements. These boilers are modulation, condensation, stainless steel, wall mount boilers. With sizes ranging from 85,000 – 399,000 Btu / hour input and modulation up to 5: 1 turndown maximizes your fuel savings. They offer installation flexibility with options such as top and bottom supply and back connections, upper or lower gas connections, ventilation holes up to 150ft and five ventilation stoppage options.

Weil McLain Eco Boiler

Weil McLain Eco Boiler is available in classes that lead 70,000, 110,000, and 155,000 B TUH. This boiler exceeds the Energy Star requirements at an AFUE 95% efficiency level.

Greenstar Gas Fired Boiler Condenser

The new ZBG Greenstar boiler line is engineered to offer ideal ideal ions for heating occupancy and hot water requirements at an affordable price, without reducing quality or fuel savings.

Evergreen Weil McLain Boiler

The new Evergreen ™ Boiler extends the comfort level to every area of ​​your property over the long term. Evergreen is well suited for residential or residential commercial applications or lightweight residences and single or multi-unit installations with ZoneStacking ™ up to 24 programmable zones. This is all you want in warming up: quiet operation, aesthetically pleasing design, floor or wall mounting options, environmental sustainability with Low NOx, lower heating comfort with lower electricity bills * and more

Burnham K2 Boiler

This category contains K2 boilers manufactured by Burnham. K2 operates on AFUEs up to 94%. And available in five models, ranging from 80-180 MBH. It comes with an updated, stainless steel heat exchanger that has been engineered to gain better access and easier service.

Rinnai Condensing Gas Boiler

Perfect for home with 1 – 2 bathrooms, E Series & quot; Combi & quot; The model offers maximum BTU heating from 75,000 to 110,000. The priority of hot water in the country ensures homeowners will never have to sacrifice continuous hot water.

Noritz CB Combi Boiler

CB Combination (Combi) from Noritz uses high efficiency condensation technology to deliver hot water to tap and hydronic water heater applications.

Laars Fire Tube Mascot Boiler FT

Laars Mascot FT mounted on a wall or boiler standing floor provides warming and warm water dome. The integrated indirect mini tank is always charged with hot water, make sure you have hot water quickly and the boiler ensures you never run out of hot water.

PVC Mascot Laars Tube Maker

LX Mascot is a closed, closed-wall, and tank-covered heating boiler available in 7 sizes to meet the smallest to largest heating home needs. LX mascots efficiently transfer the most heat from your Natural Gas or Propane using modern controls, stainless steel heat exchangers and highly efficient condensation designs.

Weil Mclain AquaBalance Combi Boiler

This category contains various combo boilers Weil Mclain AquaBalance.

New Yorker Boiler

This category includes New Yorker High Efficiency Gas Boilers including GHE Ser ies.

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