Dhl hot water boiler with high efficiency lignite

Over 70 years of development,ZBG as a great brand shows its keen sense for social demands, keeping pace with the times in design, research and lean production,ZBG continues to launch energy saving, environmental friendly,high efficiency boiler equipment.This is the wealth of ZBG, also wealth boiler industry. ZBG has product manufacturing base covering an area of 330,000 square meters, with modern factory over 1200,000 sq uare meters.It equips with more than 150 sets of international advanced manufacturing equipment like CNC,automatc welding machine, more than 50 sets of various destructive testing equipment,to totally meet different products' research, development and production demands.At present, boilers made in ZBG represent the leading level. ZBG has obtained the A-class Boiler design and manufacture license(the highest level licence awarded by AQSIQ in China),A1 A2 Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacture License,ASME U and ASME S Certificates. ZBG has the EPC qualification of large-scale power plant boiler project, providing clients with a full range of product and service.

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With 70 years of experience and high technological power, we have manufactured 9 series of 200 types of boilers, including steam boiler, hot water boiler, factory boiler, fire boiler, water boiler , The CFB boiler, the chain boiler, the biomass boiler, Gas & amp; Oil boiler and waste heat recovery heater. The products are widely used in the manufacturing industry (chemical, coking, paper making, food processing, etc.), thermal power plants, building materials and other industrial applications. Anyway, you can always find what you need here. E-mail: [email protected]

  • Oil and gas boilers
  • Biomass boilers
  • BFC Biolers
  • Used heat boilers
  • Hot water heating boiler

    Output: Steam

    Fuel: Natural gas, heavy oil, diesel oil

    Capacity: 0.35-14MW

  • WNS Oil & amp; Gas condensed

    Output: Steam

    Fuel: Natural gas, light oil, diesel oil

    Capacity: 1 ton-20 tons

  • Horizontal industrial boiler

    Output: Steam

    Fuel: Gas, oil, coal, biomass

    Capacity: 1-160 TPH

  • D Water Tube Boiler

    Output: Steam

    Fuel: Natural gas, diesel oil

    Capacity: 1-35 t / h

  • Gas-fired boiler

    Output: Steam

    Fuel: Natural gas, Light oil, Heavy oil

    Capacity: 20 -75t / h

  • Gas steam boiler SZS

    Output: Steam

    Fuel: Natural gas, heavy oil, light oil

    Capacity: 4-35t / h

  • Biomass CFB boiler

    Pressure: 3.82-5.29Mpa

    Fuel: Biomass, Husk Rice, Palm Kernel

    Capacity: 20-280 t / h

  • DZL Packaged Boiler

    Pressure: 0.8-2.0Mpa

    Fuel: Wood, Rice Husk, Bagasse, Straw

    Capacity: 2-10t / h

  • SZL Water Boiler

    Pressure: 1.25-2.5Mpa

    Fuel: wood, coconut shell, palm shell

    Capacity: 4-25t / h

  • Biomass boiler Rick husk

    Pressure: 3.82-5.29Mpa

    Fuel: Straw, Husk Rice, Palm Shell

    Capacity: 20-75tph

  • Straw biomass plant boiler

    Pressure: 3.82-5.29Mpa

    Fuel: Pellet of biomass, straw


  • Angle tube biomass boiler

    Pressure: 1.25-5.29Mpa

    Fuel: Husk Rice, Wood Pellet, Bagasse


  • Boiler of the CFB power station

    Pressure: 1.25-13.7 MPa

    Ddddachéldice citélemetadette wellbeachachach hachachachach hachachachach hachachachach hachachéadettee citadetteésééééésésé hachachaché

    Capacity: 35-410t / h

  • Biomass CFB boiler

    Pressure: 3.82-5.29Mpa

    Fuel: Biomass, Husk Rice, Palm Kernel

    Capacity: 20-280 t / h

  • Overheating Steam Boiler

    Pressure: 0.5-13.7Mpa

    Fuel: coal, biomass fuel, flue gas

    Capacity: 2-480t / h

  • Industrial high-pressure boiler

    Pressure: 0.5-13.7Mpa

    Fuel: solid fuel, natural gas, oil

    Capacity: 1-480t / h

  • High-speed CFB boiler QXX

    Pressure: 1.0-1.6Mpa

    Fuel: Brown coal, lean coal, biomass

    Capacity: 2-100 t / h

  • Used CDQ Heat Boiler

    Pressure: 3.82-4.8MPa

    Fuel: Combustion of sealed combustion gases

    Capacity: 2-100 t / h

  • Coke heat boiler

    Pressure: 1.0-13.7MPa

    Fuel: coking waste thermal combustion gas

    Capacity: 2-75 tons

  • Carbon dioxide heat boiler

    Pressure: 0.6-13.7MPa

    Fuel: carbon oven smoke gases

    Capacity: 2-45t / h

  • Hazardous waste heat boiler

    Pressure: 0.5MPa-3.82MPa

    Fuel: hazardous waste

    Capacity: 2 tons-35 tons

  • Waste heat boiler for chemical products

    Pressure: 1.25-10.3MPa

    Fuel: chemical industry waste gas waste

    Capacity: 2-120 tons

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