Cost of coal-fired hot water boiler

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The charcoal hot water boiler is generally used for heating and bathing. If companies want to reduce the cost considerably, care must be taken to ensure economical operation of the hot water boiler. There are factors that affect the cost of coal-fired boilers, such as boiler and material costs, coal fuel costs, maintenance costs, utilities costs and labor costs.

Cost of the bathroom and associated equipment cost

The construction of the coal-fired hot-water heating plant belongs to the category of civil engineering and its construction must comply with the relevant standards, in addition, in a boiler room, chemicals for the treatment of water, unclogging agent , Soot cleaning agent, reducing agent, lubricant and others must be equipped. All must be recorded in the total cost.

Fuel cost of the boiler

Fuel, because the driving force of the coal-fired boiler operation is the second largest expense, with the exception of the cost of buying the boiler. The cost of fuel combustion can be calculated from the actual fuel consumption of the unit price. The cost is also related to the type of fuel, the price of fuel, the quality of the fuel and its transportation costs. So for companies, choosing the right fuel is the key.

Cost of maintenance

Just as people will get sick, the racing fault is also difficult to avoid for the boiler. This means that the maintenance cost of the boiler is inevitable. In addition, the boiler, because special equipment requires annual inspection and maintenance. So to some extent, buying a good quality coal boiler is saving money.

Cost of utilities

Tons of water and large amounts of electricity are needed during the boiler.

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