Circulating fluidized bed power plant

Circulating fluidized bed power plant

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Boiler capacity: 35—410 tons of steam
Thermal efficiency: 86—90%
Applicable fuel: Various types of coal, biomass pellet fuel

Use of places: Fire power plant; iron and steel, cement, coal industry waste heat utilization.

Product Introduction

Zheng boiler circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler can not only burn all kinds of coal (or even industrial waste), and by the boiler efficiency is higher than other types of power plant boiler, is used in thermal power plants and industrial waste heat utilization of large-scale thermal power equipment , The combustion efficiency is about 97% ~ 99%, the thermal efficiency is about 86% to 90%, the smoke in the S02 and N0x and other harmful gas content can be reduced by 80% to 90%, effectively reduce the coal-fired power for the atmospheric environment pollution, Is the western development recommended the use of products, known as the “West Star”.

The circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler is a kind of circulating fluidized bed boiler. It also uses the steady state design theory and the CFB technology map to optimize the material balance theory and the large particle combustion theory and greatly reduce the total bed stock Based on the flow of reconfiguration of the circulating fluidized bed technology, is the rise of nearly 10 years of efficient energy-saving technology. Through the reconstruction of the fluidized bed flow regime, the advantages of reducing the utility power and the increase of the utilization rate are achieved under the advantage of maintaining the adaptability of the CFB coal and the low cost of pollution control.

Performance advantage

1, the authority of technical support, the national patent technology:

Tsinghua University, the latest scientific and technological achievements, was listed as the State Education Commission major scientific and technological projects, the State Ministry of Science and Technology “national scientific and technological achievements to promote the plan” is the country to promote the use of the boiler.

2, a variety of fuels, wide adaptability:

The boiler is not only combustible anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, lean coal, and combustible coal gangue, gas furnace slag, chain slag and other low-quality fuel, slag carbon content is generally below 2%, can be used directly as building materials. The model circulating fluidized bed boiler can not only burn coal, but also can burn biomass raw materials, bamboo scrap, peanut shell, corn cob can be used as its raw materials.

3, a number of anti-wear design, the failure rate is very low:

Buried pipe with a special size and angle of the anti-wear tendons to reduce the wear on the buried pipe. Can run for a long time, running within a year can reach more than 350 days.

4, membrane water wall design, compact structure:

Separator lining wear-resistant material thickness is small, only 80mm, inside and outside the surface temperature is small, lining the material stress is small, to prevent crack damage, while thermal inertia is small.

Product parameters


Model specifications Rated evaporation(t/h) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Water supply temperature(℃) Design fuel Factory mode
ZG-35/3.82-M 35 3.82 450 104 lignite In bulk
ZG-45/3.82-M 45 3.82 450 104 bituminous coal In bulk
ZG-50/6.5-M 50 6.5 485 104 bituminous coal In bulk
ZG-75/3.82-M 75 3.82 450 104 lignite In bulk
ZG-75/5.29-M 75 5.29 485 104 Lean coal In bulk
ZG-90/3.82-M 90 3.82 450 104 bituminous coal In bulk
ZG-110/6.5-M 110 6.5 485 150 bituminous coal In bulk
ZG-130/9.8-M 130 9.8 540 215 bituminous coal In bulk
ZG-150/9.8-M 150 9.8 540 215 bituminous coal In bulk
ZG-240/9.81-M 240 9.81 540 215 lignite In bulk
ZG-280/9.81-M 280 9.81 540 215 lignite In bulk


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