Chemical waste waste heat boiler

Chemical waste waste heat boiler

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Boiler capacity: 2-120 tons of steam
Thermal efficiency: 80—82%
Applicable fuel: Chemical waste

Use of places: chemical fertilizers, chemical (such as methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, synthetic ammonia) industry waste heat power generation, central heating

Product Introduction

Zhengtao chemical waste waste heat boiler waste heat recovery system and CFB technology combined to achieve the waste gas and waste residue, the simultaneous recovery of wastewater, is the first domestic, technical level of the leading domestic. Zhengtao Chemical Waste Waste Heat Boiler is the ideal energy efficient equipment for chemical industry (especially methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, synthetic ammonia) for coal chemical industry enterprises to achieve energy efficiency and reduce emissions pave the way. The furnace has been authorized by the national invention patent, patent number ZL200710054785.0.

According to the characteristics of waste heat flue gas in the industry, the company has developed the waste heat boiler of the industry mainly vertical and tunnel kiln horizontal two kinds of natural circulation waste heat boiler. The waste heat system mainly consists of water cooling screen, superheater, convection tube, province Coal and air preheater and other heating surface composition. The waste heat boiler is a typical energy-saving equipment of the circular economy of the chemical industry. It is fully equipped with the waste-burning furnace and the air-blown furnace, so that the production enterprises can realize the “two coal become one coal” and “the two furnaces become one furnace” Huge economic benefits and environmental benefits, and truly a safe, environmentally friendly, increase production, efficiency, conservation.

Performance advantage

1, high heat transfer coefficient, heat loss:

Exhaust and water and water vapor heat transfer in the outer surface of the heat pipe, and the exhaust heat pipe outside the fin, so that the heat transfer area increases, heat transfer is strengthened, so that the heat transfer coefficient has been greatly improved, thus Greatly reducing the heat loss.

2, anti-fouling, blocking ash, corrosion resistance, to ensure the performance of the boiler:

By adjusting the proportion of the heated surface of the hot and cold section of the heat pipe, it is possible to adjust the wall temperature so as to be higher than the flue gas dew point temperature or the maximum corrosive area, which can effectively prevent the heat exchanger from being used because of the acid dew point and sulfur corrosion in the flue gas Life, to ensure the heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency.

3, to prevent leakage of water vapor system:

In the run-time due to the large amount of exhaust scouring, even if the pipe is subject to certain damage, it will not cause cold side of the gas and water leakage to the hot side to ensure the safe operation of the system, which is different from the equipment in the general flue equipment Features.

4, the loss of resistance for the old unit transformation:

Under normal circumstances, an increase of waste heat recovery equipment, hot exhaust resistance increased at about 1500Pa. Damage to a single or multiple heat pipes does not affect the overall use of the equipment.

Product parameters

Chemical waste waste steam boiler


Model specifications Rated evaporation(t/h) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Water supply temperature(℃) Design fuel Factory mode
QC110/625-22-3.82/450 22 3.82 450 70 Chemical waste
Flue gas waste heat
In bulk
Q80/900-25-3.82/450 25 3.82 450 104 In bulk
Q83/900-30-3.82/450 30 3.82 450 104 In bulk
Q110/860-35-3.82/450 35 3.82 450 104 In bulk
QC130/860-45-3.82/450 45 3.82 450 104 In bulk
Q161/866-50-3.82/450 50 3.82 450 85 In bulk
Q150/950-55-3.82/450 55 3.82 450 104 In bulk
QC220/950-60-5.29/450 60 5.29 450 104 In bulk
QC145/1025-65-3.82/450 65 3.82 450 104 In bulk
Q225/900-75-5.3/450 75 5.3 450 104 In bulk
QC200/950-80-5.29/485 80 5.29 485 95 In bulk
QC205/955-85-3.82/450 85 3.82 450 104 In bulk
QC215/950-90-5.29/485 90 5.29 485 104 In bulk
QC300/900-120-5.29/485 120 5.29 485 104 In bulk

Chemical waste waste heat boiler

Model specifications Rated evaporation(t/h) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Water temperature () Water return temperature () Factory mode
Q195/175-1.6-1.25/50/25 55 1.6 1.25 50 25 In bulk


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